Katrina Kaif in Punjabi Suit

Katrina Kaif in Punjabi Suit

In a one of its kind picture Katrina Kaif is seen with a Punjabi Boy in Punjabi dress. Katrina Kaif is wearing an Anarkali Style Punjabi suit along with a Sikh gentlemen in jeans. Katrina just looks stunning and more beautiful than what she looks like while wearing a Mini, Tops and Jeans. Wearing such dresses by celebrities also motivates a lot of general girls to wear such kind of clothes that are more suited for Indian society.

Now days actresses dress up in a very pathetic way, watching Katrina Kaif in such an avatar must have been surprise or many. Actors/Actresses are the Brand Ambassadors of a nation and what the youth does or wears greatly depends upon the celebrities who must promote healthy practices. Bollywood cinema has seen a huge transition in the past decade. There were days when a hint was enough for love making scenes (like dimming of light) and now days no movie is without lip locks and love making scenes.

Katrina Kaif in Punjabi Dress looks just gorgeous.

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