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The US car market will be buzzing with an array of new Electrical Cars being introduced in 2023. Surprisingly the amount of New Electric cars that will be introduced in the US Electric Car Market from 2023 till 2026 will be 150 which actually will be a new record. Never ever in the Auto Car Industry these many new cars have been introduced within this short span of time.

These cars will include Electric and Hybrid Electric cars. Today we will be discussing some of the Best Electric Cars Coming in US in 2023.

Starting with Cadillac Lyriq by General Motors :  GM likes to call it the Heartbeat of all its future Electric Cars. Taking forward the Vision of a world with Zero Emission GM introduced Cadillac Lyriq late in 2022 so Cadillac Lyriq not a totally 2023 Electric Car, But its Technology Certainly is. US is one of the fastest growing market for EV Cars with volumes expected to reach 3 Million units on average by 2030.

Cadillac Lyriq boasts of a Shrinkable Modular Battery (Ultium Batteries) and Drive Unit combination platform which makes it suitable for Trucks, SUV’s, Crossovers, Cars and even Commercial vehicles. This platform also makes the production of Electric Cars easy while enhancing its Design, Performance, Packaging, Range and overall Affordability.

Cadillac Lyriq 2023

Performance Wise Cadillac Lyriq has:  

Range of 300+ Miles / Charge,

Acceleration of 0 – 60 Mph in 3 seconds,

Energy Ranges from 50 to 200Kwh

Supports Front, Rear and All Wheel Drive

Cadillac Lyriq’s performance statistics vary according to Environment Temperature, Terrain of the Road , Battery Age, Loading, Type of Usage and How well car is Maintained. The batteries use Pouch Cells instead of cylindrical Cells which provides a very stable performance over the years even with car having multiple owners.

Chevrolet Equinox EV: One of the Cheapest Electric Car in US Chevrolet Equinox EV is the Electric car of 2023 for Mainstream America. 2023 Chevrolet Equinox EV is a compact crossover priced at 30,000 USD for the base configuration. Technical Specifications include:

300 Miles Electric Range on Full Charge, Approx. 70 Miles of Range in 10 Minutes of Charging which will be handy in case you forget or couldn’t charge your car battery enough. Chevrolet Equinox EV comes with 8 year of limited warranty on battery.

Chevrolett Equinoz EV 2023

Equinox EC is enabled with the state of the art Ultium Platform which provides Sporty Look, Refined Performance, Affordability for Electrifying your daily needs drive.

As far as the interiors of Chevrolett Equinox EV are concerned it is equipped with a 17 inch Freedom Display which is drive centric and also boasts of a personalised ambient lighting which makes it very stylish.

Chevrolett Equinox EV 2023

Regen on Demand and One Pedal Driving converts the Kinetic Energy of Vehicle into Energy and stores it in the Battery hence further increasing its range.

Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024 : Using the same Ultium Platform Chevrolet Blazer EV is an All Electric Mid Size SUV. It provides a range of 247-320 Miles on a full charge. Its features include Regen on Demand and One Pedal Drive which uses the Kinetic Energy of the car to charge the batteries without stopping and Home Charging with the options of 120 volt and 240 volt charging options.

You can enjoy Hands Free Driving in US and Canada and explore 40,000 Miles of compatible roads in Chevrolet Blazer 2024 with Super Cruise Driver Assistance Technology. Having a 557 Horsepower Blazer’s body Architecture supports Front / Rear and All Wheel Drive with Acceleration of 0-40 Mph in under 4 sec.

Chevrolet Blazer Electric EV 2024

The MyChevrolet Mobile Application provides a lot of help in Smartly Planning Your Routes, Finding and Checking the Availability of Compatible Public Charging Stations and that too in Real Time.

Chevrolet Silverado EV: Its a category defying, boundary breaking and game changing 4WD fully electric SUV. Its the most stubborn segment of cars to have moved towards electrification.

Loaded with features Chevrolet Silverado EV provides:

400 Miles range in a single full charge.

754 HP with Wide Open Watts

Acceleration of 0-60 Mph in 4.5 Seconds

785 LB.-FT Torque with Wide open Watts

Home Charging / On the Go Charging / Energy Assist

Smaller Turning Radius helps pulling Silverado in tight parking spots and Enhanced handling for Trailering and Towing with great Maneuverability.

Chevrolet Silverado EV 2024

Equipped with Ultium Platform that is the standard Platform for all Chevrolet Electric Cars, Silverado is an all Electric Pickup Truck. Ultium Platform is the GM’s answer to the future of Electric Cars. Along with Ultium, GM’s Software Platform Ultifi will user us to a new era where softwares will provide Personalisation, Apps to drivers on demand in future, Will Provide great Experience and Services and will also include Regulatory Pushed Software Enhancements.

BMW i5 Electric: Expected to be launched late in 2023 German Car Maker BMW is expected to give stiff competition to other Electric Cars in its category. BMW i5 electrifies the “i” series cars of BMW. BMW 5 series and BMW 3 Series are very critical cars for BMW in terms of Sales, Appeal and Image.

BMW i5 Electric

As both BMW Series 3 and Series 5 are legendary cars so stakes will be really high when the Electric Version of both these cars will be introduced late in 2023.

Dodge Hornet R/T:

Nissan Ariya EV: Having a range of 304 miles on a single charge Nissan Ariya has stunning looks for an Electric Car. Nissan knows quite a few things about making Electric Cars. Equipped with Driver Assistance Features, Nissan Ariya can help you with the daily commute with Hands Off the Steering Wheel and can even park on its own. Nissan Ariya has the most innovative battery technology known as Liquid Cooled Battery Technology developed by Nissan. It provides better performance in extreme weather conditions with its state of the art Liquid Cooled Thermal Management Systems. It also provides Battery Protection when using Fast Chargers.

PROPILOT ASSIST 2.0: NISSAN PROPILOT makes everyday commute a little bit extraordinary. It offers Hands-Off Freeway Driving, Lend a helping hand during Stop-And-Go Traffic to make your travel smoother and a little stress free.

Nissan Ariya comes with an Array of Features including:

Hands-Off Driving

Keep you Lane Centered

Keep a Preset Distance from the Traffic

Navigation Informed

Guided Freeway Driving and Lane Change Assistance

Also included Safety Shield 360 which has Blind Spot Warning, High Beam Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, rear Automatic Braking, Pedestrian Detection and Emergency Braking. Check out More Features of Nissan Ariya.

Dodge Hornet R/T: Fastest and the Quickest Compact Crossover Sub 30K USD Compact Utility vehicle.


Comes with a feature Known as Power Shot which Provides 25 More Horse Power for 15 Sec. It has a Top Speed of 128 MPH. Dodge Hornet R/T is a Hybrid Car with the benefits of Internal Combustion Engine and Immediate Power of Electrification. It can provide over 30 miles of Electric Drive at 288 Horse Power.

Hyundai Ionic 6:

Hyundai Ionic 6 EV:

Having a Range of 361 Miles on a Full Charge, Equipped with Ultra Fast Charging Technology. Hyundai Ionic has a long list of safety features which include.

Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2): Helps maintaining a safe distance from those vehicles which are ahead with proper speed. This features works both on straight as well as curved roads.

Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2): Takes away the stress of parking by providing you Automated remote parking by recognising parking lines, while you are sitting inside or are outside the car.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2 (FCA 2): Applies brakes automatically when the collision is imminent from left or right side and even while changing the lane.

Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA): Provides warning and Automatically brakes if danger is sensed while changing lanes.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA): Automatically stops the car if some object is sensed while reversing and the collision is imminent.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): Gives warning to the driver if there is any unintended lane changing and assists the steering to come back to the right position.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go (SCC w/ S&G): Helps maintain a set and safe distance from the vehicle ahead

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC): Modulated speed based on Navigation System for safe driving.

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA): It recognises various road signs and adjusts speed according to the speed limit in that area.

Equipped with the latest features Hyundai also boasts of a Streamlines body and Cocoon Style interior its undoubtedly one of the most good looking EC Car.


Genesis GV 60 and Electrified GV 70:

Volvo EX 90:

Mazda MX-30:

Tesla Cyber Truck:

Hummer EV SUV:

Toyota Prius Prime:

Lexus RZ 450e:

Polestar 3 / Polestar 4:

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